What is frigid in books

via Daily Prompt: Frigid

So today I want to talk about being called frigid. It’s a painful word to me, as I have been called that a time or two. So why are we as women putting up with that? Why do we allow men to determine our value based on this one word? Well I am tired of being judged, so here it goes. I have Autism, its part of me I cannot turn it off and on; so when people accuse me of being cold or unfeeling or frigid, its not because I want to be. I am a hyper rational person who sees the world in a different light. People see me as this ice queen, when in reality I am the opposite. It is hard for me to make connections, yet I believe that one day someone will look past my “frigid” ice queen face and fall in love with me. Why is no one else talking about romance for Autistic people? I have yet to find love in my supposed “frigid” heart but maybe one day. So in closing here is to hope…I am giving up on the stereotype that has been placed on me and embracing the me I am.


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