Unrealistic Romance storylines

So today in honour of Valentine’s day, I would like to take time to talk about the how we put unrealistic story lines in Romance books. I freely admit to being bitter today. We read love stories and think that our white knight will come riding in and rescue us. This has been instilled in us since we were read our first fairytale. So I am going to give you my list of unrealistic romantic story lines in order so that we can discuss more of them.

1. In real life it is not as simple as boy meets girl. Love at first sight does not make everything hunky dory. Once you find love not is not a bed of roses. Love can be a struggle; you make a choice to love each day.

2. Billionaires/ Princes/ Sheiks/ and Athletes do not fall for the girl next door. If you are looking for a man to take care of you, it’s not going to happen. Take care of yourself and be confident in yourself; the right man will come along.

3. Office romances/ dating your boss can be a really bad idea. When it ends badly, you will be looking for work.

4. Affairs do not mean that you will live happily ever after. More than 75 percent of relationships that begin as a result of affairs last. To quote Dr. Phil ” The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior”. So to put it mildly, if he cheats on her he will cheat on you. Now I am going to give you a piece of advice that took me awhile to get. If he cheats on you; do not take him back.

5. Older/ younger affairs can work out; but when you are in two different arcs of life it can fail. Mostly ladies, you are a trophy just to be paraded out when you need to make them look good.

6. Fifty shades of grey is not what you should want in a romance. Now this is not to say that BDSM relationships can’t work out. If that is something for you, go for it. While this book brought kinky to the mainstream, it doesn’t mean that this type of lifestyle should be entered into lightly.

7. I am going to mention this since I have read many books on Polygamy.  It doesn’t work; for all of the pro-polygamy books and shows there are way more books on why it doesn’t. If you want a good read I would suggest that you read Escape by Carolyn Jessop.

So in all of this, I hope that you found this compelling. If you have any other ideas feel free to comment.

Happy reading,




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