via Daily Prompt: Confess

So in honor of the prompt, I think that I will make a series of confessions to you my fellow bloggers. So here it goes… I am feeling totally overwhelmed and overly stressed out. I am thinking I am going through Christmas Let Down at this moment. I haven’t been sleeping well, I am feeling sad, I worry about every little thing, I am struggling with what books to review and what to post on. I am totally overwhelmed in my life right now. So now I am going to make another confession; I have Aspergers ( a high functioning form of Autism). I love routine and I hate it being disrupted especially around Christmas time. I love my family but having everyone there is like sensory overload. It’s especially difficult when you can pick up every emotion in a room. I struggle everyday with where do I belong; some days I just don’t want to get out of bed. I wish I had finished University or got a degree in something. It’s one of the biggest regrets that I have in my life. I know what you are going to say, “You could always go back”, however much I want to go back I am unable to at this point. I love my boyfriend. I see a future with him; but I haven’t told him yet. I am scared that if I tell him how I really feel, I will be rejected by him not loving me back. I am scared of getting hurt yet again so I am patiently waiting for him to tell me.

So readers these are my confessions, so I challenge you to do something that scares you today. I know I will be.

Happy reading,



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