Hey fellow readers,

Since I am new to blogging I realized that my first post that I posted did not contain the link that was needed. I am realizing how I felt the first time I posted, I honestly expected to have no one read my first blog(to be honest). So it was kind of exciting to hit that publish button. Is it just me or is that the best part of the process; the feeling of accomplishment after a blog is posted? I am sitting here at work reading my books, taking notes, and its hard to find a book or an author to critique. Does anyone else struggle with the what do I post or how do I decide on what to write? If anyone else has suggestions let me know. I am available to all forms of criticism and feedback .


Let me know what you think of my original post.

Happy reading,



One thought on “LEARNING TO BLOG

  1. Yes, it is a continuous struggle, which is exactly why, like you said, pushing that Publish button feels so great.
    A couple of months back I stumbled across an add for a monthly book delivery. In the end, I opted against it, for a few reasons, but maybe you would want to give it a go? I bet there are different clubs like that that you could look into. It would streamline your reading/ reviewing process. Just my thoughts.

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